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Full Version: Connection issue on Linux emulator
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Hi All,

First a BIG thanks to Tim and the HP Prime team for getting a Linux version of the emulator out. I'm running it under Mint 19.2 and looks like I have dependency issue. I can't connect via USB to my physical Prime, and the emulator is throwing the following error messages:
Gtk-Message: 10:38:45.033: Failed to load module "atk-bridge"
QFileDevice::seek: IODevice is not open
QIODevice::read (QFile, "/tmp/HPCK_e5ced4fc-2d0e-4dd1-81d5-0e536c080b53.lock"): device not open

I DO have the libatk-bridge2.0.0 shared libraries installed according to package manager.

Can anyone give me any hints - I'd love to get this working.

Thanks, Michael
There is no USB support in there yet. Sorry.
Ok... thanks for the quick reply Tim. Beats pounding my head against a wall in a hopeless venture. Hopefully someday eh? I guess I can still develop and test on it, then move the source to my Windows emulator on my VM to upload to the calc.
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