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Full Version: Emu42, MK17MAC and Sigma character
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I am using Emu42 for Android.
I had written a formula (using the "sigma" charcater for loops) on the emulated 17BII, and wanted to have it also on the emulated 27S.
Since there is no direct way to export a formula, I printed the formula on the emulated 82240 printer, and shared the text with myself by email, and saved it as an UTF-16 text file. Then I used the MK17MAC converter to convert it into a keyboard macro file.

I was at first surprised to notice that the conversion failed on the "sigma" character, then I understood why: the converter rightfully expects the code used for mathematical summation (u+2211), but the printer uses the u+03a3 code used for the normal Greek letter instead. Both look alike, so for printing I does not matter, but for converting it does.

Christoph, I you could add u+03a3 as a valid code for summation in MK17MAC, that would be a great help Smile

Regis, if you could find a way to incorporate MK17MAC on Emu42 for Android, for on-board formulas importing rather than having no choice but doing the conversion on PC, I would be very grateful as well Smile

Many thanks and best regards,

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