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Full Version: 3d complex function output surface for fixed real or imag input and 3d scatter plot
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To allow viewing a colored output surface in one graph, the x or y input is fixed to one value:
  • Real x input fixed:
    z used for the IMAGINARY OPTPUT
    | / y is the changing imaginary input
    0-----> x fixed => reused for REAL OUTPUT
  • Imaginary y input fixed:
    z used for the REAL OPTPUT
    | / y fixed => used for IMAGINARY OUTPUT
    0-----> x is the changing real input

By displaying also values above and below the fixed input value a 3d band will give an idea of the colored complex output surface.
Additionally values setup in L1, L2, L3 for x, y, z can be displayed with a numbered cross in the 3d space.
  • Input dialogs used for configuration.
  • Touch gestures and keys to rotate, move and zoom.
  • Useable gestures / keys displayed in lower part of graph.
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