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Full Version: HP50G on Emu48 : new version 2.5 of STAT, a complete linear regression program
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New version of this linear regression program, ANOVA, etc.

Save the entire directory on your HOME Emu48-calculator directory under name STAT, for example.

Explanations inside the directories to be read with the Emu48-calculator.

Enjoy it!
Linear Regression program for P-Var (with or without the constant) of dimension N (if P = N, then it returns the exact solution) with clear results and indication from which directory-path (path automatically built for you) the variables come from and how each intermediate result and each variable were obtained, t, s, prob-values, beta lower and upper limits, R2 and R2adj, R2mod and R2modAdj when no constant, full detailed anova with or without constant, correlation matrix, correlation interval min-max, 1st order partial correlation and half partial, multi-order correlation with Z1... Zk control variable, , restriction model test for k indep variables Xi with k < p, including here also t, s, prob-values and anova as for full, non-restricted model model, Spearman’s rho (with or without ties) + rho crit and prob, including rho lower/upper limits.
All stats calculated for any chosen value of alpha (alpha set by default to 5% or if you incidentally erase that variable), even for Spearman's rho crit and its prob for the alternative HO-no correlation when in presence of small effectives N.
Possibility of transforming each variable into a list with M>L and applying a specific function, then back to Matrix format with L>M and use it under its renamed form with a new name.
Please note that the "Calculator" has to be set in RPNmode/notation, and not in algebraic mode.
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