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Full Version: HP 65 with two identical glod keys (f-1)
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I have just realized that my hp-65 has the same label in both gold shift keys. They work properly but instead of f and f-1 gold keys , the labels print are f-1 in both.

There is NO trace of being opened, the back label is pristine. Indeed all the calculator is pristine, it seems not being used ever. SN 1509A 02191


A home made repair substituing a broken f key for a f-1 found somewhere else, but it would have deteriorated the back label.

A factory repair would have remove the back label and substitued it with a new one, but.... are the factory technicians so blunger to miss the f key with a f-1?

Or just is a rare factory mistake on production line not detected by quality control? (or a defective item that was not comercialized nor destroyed but kept by some HP worker as a unique item)

Does anybody know about some similar bizarre singular mistake?

Best regards
My money is on a factory mistake on production line.
Here they come, a couple of pics



I see that the trade mark front label

"Helwett Packard 65"

is a little detached and slightly deformed in one side.

Removing this label is requiered to dissasembling the calculator?
(12-27-2019 08:33 PM)Alevin Wrote: [ -> ]Removing this label is requiered to dissasembling the calculator?

Not this one. The label underneath the calculator has 2 screws hiding under it.


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