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Full Version: Casio fx-8700G and PB-110 available for sale
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Going through an estate sale and found 2 old Casios, I think circa 1995. Both in mint condition.

Should I bother trying to re-sell these or just send them to the recycling center?

1. Graphic scientific fx-8700G with sliding case and box. Perfect condition

2. PB-110 with owners manual and pleather case. Perfect condition

Any ideas if these are worth more than $10 each? Thanks all
The fx-8700G probably isn't worth a lot, although you can probably get about $20-$30 for it on eBay.

BASIC-programmable pocket computers such as the PB-110 do tend to fetch a bit more than that, especially if they're in good condition and have the case and, even better, the manual. If I didn't already have a couple of these in my collection I'd be interested myself.

Put a price on it, state where you're willing to post stuff to (there are people from all over the world here), take some photos and post them here to gauge interest. While we mainly deal with Hewlett Packard equipment here, there are plenty of collectors who don't limit themselves to that one specific brand and might be interested.

Good luck!
The Casio fx-8700G is a surprisingly difficult machine to track down (and if I hadn't just finally found one a few days ago, I'd probably make you an offer for it), so it's certainly worth more than $10. If it's got a good box, manual, etc. and is in good working condition, I could see it hitting the $30-50 range. Definitely $20 at a minimum just for the calculator if it's in excellent shape.
Thanks folks, much appreciated. I received a PM offer in the ballpark of your info so I'll pursue that before re-posting.
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