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Full Version: (55) Sulfide & Acid Synthesis in Anhydrous Methanol
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An extract from The Synthesis of Inorganic Sulfides & Photochromic Tungstic Acid in Anhydrous Methanol, PhD. Thesis (Chemistry), UoI, 1979-09 (211 pgs.)

   Hewlett-Packard HP 55 Computer Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 203

X-ray Powder Diffraction Analysis
… The d-spacings were calculated using a Hewlett ?Packard model 55 calculator program (Appendix) ?…

Preliminary data reduction procedure
…This correction was performed by a Hewlett?Packard Model 55 calculator program (Appendix) … each reflection was corrected for Lorentz & polarization factors (47), using another calculator program (Appendix)? …

HP-55 Calculator Programs
Powder Pattern dÅ generator (p-204)
Lorertz - polarization correction to Weissenberg data (p-205)
Net Correction of According to Fourth Order Polynomial (p-206)

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