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Full Version: (SR-52) Water Salinity Concentrations from logs
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An extract from Chemical Profile of the East Mesa Field (Imperial County CA), U. S. Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Region, February 1977


This paper was prepared by the authors largely on the basis of interpretations from the dual induction resistivity logs of 10 geothermal deep wells and laboratory analyses of water samples of 5 geothermal deep wells …

General Considerations

The method used to calculate the electrical conductivity of fluid in the reservoir is fairly well known. It is based upon formulae and methodology discussed in text books such as Sylvain T. Pirson's Handbook of Well Log Analysis ( Prentice Hall, 1963 ) and Service Company Manuals by Schlumberger Well Surveying Corporation. The chemical profile computed is for salinity only, as indicated by the concentrations of sodium and chloride ions …

Computer Program
The computer program has been developed to calculate the electrical conductivity of formation water from a suitable set of resistivity and self-potential curves …

An SR-52 Program for Computing Water Salinity Concentrations from Resistivity and Self-Potential Logs

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