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Full Version: HP50G on Emu48 : linear regression prog (STAT-directory)
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I just finished to write a nice linear regression program for HP50G with EMU48 (on smartphone).

It may seem somewhat slow, but it details all the intermediate calculations and results.

All the variables (and where they come from) and results are kept in memory for later, separate execution.

Impossible to attach the "file" in question to this thread (it is a, 50 kB-HP50G-like directory with many sub-prog and variables).

Where and how can I publish it for the community?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Gil Campart
(12-21-2019 03:18 PM)Gil Wrote: [ -> ]Where and how can I publish it for the community?

The best place would be at hpcalc.org

This is where most folks look for 48/49/50 and Prime applications, programs, utilities and documentation.

Once it's published there (may take a week or 2 due to the holidays), come back here and add a link to it.
Here is the Directory STAT.DOC you can download on your EMU48 application.

I just added here the ending .DOC for transfer purposes — ending to be removed afterwards.

Enjoy this linear regression programs.

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