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Full Version: Joseph Horn/Online LIF Disk Project
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How do I get it in ready-to-use format?
Thank you
(12-15-2019 02:28 AM)hp41cx Wrote: [ -> ]How do I get it in ready-to-use format?
Thank you

The .DAT files are binary images of the entire LIF disks, ready to use with any PC and a PIL-Box and a '41 or '71 or '75, so that you can load anything from many famous LIF disks into your HP without needing to have the disk or a LIF floppy drive. The text files are ready to use by just opening them and reading them. If "ready-to-use format" means something else to you, please be explicit.

The entire collection (20 MB) can be downloaded as a single ZIP file from here:
21252729656741 x Thank's
(12-15-2019 05:40 PM)hp41cx Wrote: [ -> ]21252729656741 x Thank's

What ? Why not 2125272965674171 x ? Wink

Surely Mr.Horn deserves at least that many ...

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