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Full Version: Curious Speed + Time change on HP50G with Emu48 on Samsung
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Try this small program on HP50G
with EMU48 on your phone :

1. 100000.
3600 *
"Time in s"
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Execution's time for these START/loops :
about 32 s with my Samsung Galaxy S6.

Now, I change the loop upper limit
from 100 000 to 1 million
(10 times more START/loops).
The execution's time jumps now to 1750 seconds instead of the expected 320 seconds. Why?

More curious.
Time shown on the calculator, after the 1 million START/loops, is equal to effective time + 89 minutes : the calculator shows a time about 1 hour 19 minutes ahead of effective time.

And even more unexpected:
After a while (of idleness) ,the calculator returns by itself to the correct time.

Any explanation and way to correct these strange behaviours?

Gil Campart
Tested on go49gp emulator which works identical to real HP-50G with speed setting ×4 to make closer to your 32 s. It`s alright. I`m wondering: is this a problem in the EMU48 or in the Samsung Galaxy S6?
[Image: 28912232_m.png]
I'll test tomorrow evening with EMU48 on my son's Samsung Galaxy S10.

Very strange that the clock belonging to HP50G-EMU48 was temporarily changed (but of course not the clock of the phone itself), giving a calculation time of more than 6000 seconds, when the real time needed for those empty loops was about 9 minutes if I remember correctly (sure : more than 5 minutes, vs the 30-35 seconds expected).

I mentioned the "case" to Regis Cosnier and wait for his feedback.

Precision or correction :
a) f(100 000 loops ) = 3.4 s;
b) f(1000 000 loops ) = 33 s;
c) f(10 000 000 loops) = 480 s
(expected about 330 s).

For c), the clock of HP50G with EMU48 on my Samsung Galaxy is systematically set ahead : last "run", about 1 h 38 m.

But as mentioned, the HP50G clock turns back by itself to the correct time of the phone.


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