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Full Version: Help needed with HP-IL disk drive
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(01-26-2015 06:10 PM)vassilisprevelakis Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

I'd just open the battery pack and replace the battery.

Its a standard lead-acid gel cell (sealed) battery.

Then you can just run the drive with the battery pack permanently plugged into the HP charger.

Lead acid cells are very robust and do not mind being repeatedly charged (i.e. no memory effect) and they last for years. (which is why they are used in most UPSs).

I think this solution also offers the best protection for your HP-IL drive. I wouldn't trust a no-name power supply.

Best Regards


Under heavy use the battery will be depleted in a short period of time because the power adapter can't charge the battery faster than it discharges. For that reason people have turned to an external power supply.

Better yet, put the 9114 up on the shelf and get a PIL-Box. Smile
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