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Full Version: WTB - 32K RAM module for HP-71B
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I would love to be able to run the Pirate Adventure game made available on JF’s HP-71B page:

It says the program requires a 32K RAM module.

If anyone has a 32K RAM module they are willing to sell at a lower price than found on TAS, please contact me.

Thanks for listening!

Pirate is much more fun and easy to play with Emu71 due to the faster response time.

You have the choice: greater fun factor on Emu71 vs. nostalgia on a real 71B. I've never tried the Pirate game, however, I would probably first try the second option, too. Maybe the game also runs on a 75C which is much faster?

Regarding your actual question: I'm sorry, I don't have a spare 32K RAM.
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