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Full Version: What's your most fun/impressive application of CAS?
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Hi folks,

This is pretty geeky, but I was curious what people consider their most fun/impressive applications of CAS.

For example, I spent some time this weekend going through some of the Kahn Academy algebra topics, and was delighted by the Prime's ability to partial fraction decomposition of rational polynomials. Pretty cool.

Then I did some simple freshman physics motion problems (X=V0*T + 1/2 AT^2), and had the Prime take the derivative of motion, set the derivative to zero and solve for the Time,...all with one click of the Enter key. Pretty slick.

I'm still very much just learning the calc, and what I don't know still far outweighs what I know, but I'm very impressed with the CAS.

So anyway, I was curious what fun applications of CAS people have done.


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