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Full Version: Help by reinstalling back Emu48
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I changed my CASDIR directory of the Emu48 application relative to HP50G.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get it back to its initial values.

So I decided to uninstall the EMU48 from my Samsung galaxy S6.

Then I installed the EMU applicstion again, but gets the following messages :
"KML Script Compilation Result OK" and
"This file is missing or already loaded in another instance of Emu48".

Can somebody help me?

I thank you in advance.

Maybe something got left over from the previous installation.

Whenever I uninstall an App on my Android device, I do the following steps.

For the App to be uninstalled:
1. Force Stop
2. Uncheck "Show Notifications"
3. Clear Cache
4. Clear Data
5. Uninstall

This will ensure that there is no leftover data after the install.

Not sure if that was your problem or not.

Smithville, NJ
I did just now how you suggested.

Unfortunately it didn't help.

A sad story.

Thanks anyway.


After having repeated several times Bill's instructions, I switched off the phone.

Then I switched it on back, and everything was in order.

Great and many thanks.

Do the filenames inside the .kml and .kmi files completely match the names of the actual files they refer to? Android filenames are case-sensitive.
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