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Full Version: New app appears out of nowhere when waking from coma mode
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I was reading on another thread how to put the G2 Prime into "coma mode", so I tried it (hold down Shift and press/release On).

Before the "coma mode", here is a screen shot of the bottom of my apps list:
The app CAPSLV is a copy of Statistics_2Var that I modified to analyze a variable capacitor lab in the physics lab I teach.

After waking up from "coma mode" and dismissing the beta welcome message, here is a screen shot of the bottom of my apps list:
I seem to have a new app called "Statistics_2Var Copy" with an icon borrowed from "Function."

Since getting my G2 there hasn't been more than a day I haven't used it, so it hasn't gone into coma mode normally (the other thread indicated after 3 days of non use) so I don't know if new apps appear in that scenario.
Check if you have the same symptoms as described here: https://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-13914.html
Thanks for pointing out that thread. Yes, same issue. I searched the forum before posting, didn’t know these were called “ghost” apps.
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