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Full Version: [VA] New update #007 available in my HP site (10 new files)
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Hi, all:

I've uploaded a new update (#007) to my brand-new HP-related site, namely the following 10 files 10 (which you can download for free in PDF or JPG formats):

1. One Program
  • SHARP Program VA160 - PC-1350 An Othello Game Playing Program

    • 12-page paper featuring a sizable, 112-line BASIC program I wrote in 2002 for the SHARP PC-1350/1360 pocket computers to play Othello (aka Reversi) vs. the user. As you may already know, since I wrote my first Othello program for the HP-41C when it was released some 40 years ago (as of 2019) I always welcome the chance to write a version of it for every capable machine I may lay my hands on, which proves very useful to assess the various machines' capabilities and ease of use and programming.

      That said, this is the version for said SHARP models and compatibles, which takes full advantage of their excellent extended BASIC language, large RAM and big graphics display to become the best version of Othello among all the ones I've created so far as it uses the large graphics screen to display a virtual playing board, which makes unnecessary having to use either a physical board (thus saving lots of hassle) or a printer (thus saving tons of costly paper and time to print the board after every move) and the user can select moves either by using a graphic cursor or else by entering the numeric coordinates. [...]

      This 12-page PDF document includes a detailed description of the game's rules, full usage instructions, a very extensively commented program listing (more than 60 lines of comments interspersed with the code), a table enumerating and describing all the variables used and a sample game to check correct loading and functionality. The document also includes one picture of my physical SHARP PC-1350 running the program and 8 figures, plus Notes and References.

2. Four Pictures
  • HP Picture VA115 - HP-11C

    • This is the back plate of my HP-11C, the first Voyager I owned, which was given to me back in 1981 as a present by a close friend. [ ...]

  • SHARP Picture VA255 - SHARP PC-1251

    • This is my SHARP PC-1251, a small pocket computer released in 1982, but also rebranded as the Tandy TRS-80 Pocket Computer 3, [ ...]

  • SHARP Picture VA829 - SHARP EL-8029

    • My SHARP EL-8029, a nice, little (55 gram) basic calculator released in 1976. It's like a big pen (including shirt-pocket clip), [ ...]

  • SHARP Picture VA830 - SHARP EL-8029

    • My SHARP EL-8029, a nice, little basic calculator released in 1976, in the shape of a big pen., [ ...]

    3. One Book Review and two pictures of its covers
    • SHARP Book Review VA002 - 119 Practical Programs for the TRS-80 Pocket Computer

      • This is my 5-page comprehensive review of the book 119 Practical Programs for the TRS-80 Pocket Computer by John Clark Craig, a nice compendium of short BASIC programs (less than 20 lines of code) for the title pocket computer, which are equally valid for the SHARP PC-1210, PC-1211 and PC-1212 models [...]

        The review includes a table with the names of all 118 programs in the book (the remaining one is a trivial launcher), color-coded by groups, as well as details about every section and Appendix and my final Conclusion. [...]

    • SHARP Book Review VA002 - 119 Practical Programs for the TRS-80 Pocket Computer (Front Cover)
    • SHARP Book Review VA002 - 119 Practical Programs for the TRS-80 Pocket Computer (Back Cover)

    ... and last but not least ...

    4. Two nice FractVal Pictures
    • Misc Picture VA192 - 20000 Fathoms Family      {Dad, Mom and three children merrily hanging around in the depths of the ocean}
    • Misc Picture VA194 - Silver Jewelry                  {Some nice silver jewelry, filigree style}

    That's all, hope you enjoy them !  Comments welcome !!

    New update (#008) will be announced here next Wednesday 27th
    but if you'd rather not wait I'll be silently uploading one or two new files every (other) day or so, which you can find about by periodically checking the Latest Additions section at my site for new files.

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