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Full Version: How to check S1 (Symbolic View) inside a program?
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I have an expression in a program I am writing for a variable capacitor lab:

  S1 := {"C1","C2","",13,"Q/((D/X)+C)",#FF:24h,1,#FF:24h};

I will be using S1 to draw a user-defined curve through data points. S1 is set up the way I want, except for one thing - the checkmark one would see in "Symb" view is unchecked so the curve doesn't appear in the plot view. Other than checking S1 interactively, can the checkmark be set within a program?

The documentation discusses the structure for setting symbolic view variables, but I can't find a flag variable associated with the checkmark.
Look at the app functions, CHECK, ISCHECK and UNCHECK

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