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Full Version: HP-01 rear cover difficult to remove
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My HP-01 batteries need replacement. I bought a rear cover removal tool. I've tried to remove the rear cover with this tool by turning counter-clockwise and the rear cover does not budge. I do not want to use a crescent plier to increase the force. Is it normal to apply this rotational force to remove the rear cover?
Are you using the proper 6 toothed tool to unscrew cover and not the more generic 2 point type. The proper tools make a suprising difference.
I have had tight cases, but none to warrant extra mechanical leverage.
May be you have to get past the initial rubber seal grip. I’m sure the newer seals don’t fit the HP01 excactly.
Good luck
Yes. I am using the 6 tooth tool. I've read the battery replacement procedure on led-forever.com and it does not give a look of info on rear cover removal. Just simply state unscrew the case back and lift it off. I am going to try a vise-grip on the 6 tooth tool to get more leverage.
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