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Hello All
I have a collection of HP calculators that I want to sell. I live in country Australia and therefore would make it difficult with postage cost etc, although the value is in favour of US$.
I have taken photos but not sure if I can post due to size and Qty.
Any assistance will be appreciated.
I could also look at a person to be a go between at a percentage maybe?
Kind Regards
PM sent
PM sent !
To all that have replied to my ad so far, thank you very much.
I will reply to all as soon as I can, people have asked many questions regarding the collection and separate items, please be patient as there are many to reply to.

Another PM sent
PM Sent; awaiting reply.
PM sent.
I will shortly post a list of items that I have.

Items that I have plus some more.
HP 32E 2219S31666
HP45 1349S24667
HP35 1346A39713
HP25C 1702A12643
HP25 1605S10141
HP38C as new
HP41CX as new manuals o/lays and original box
HP41C 195201680 3 mem modules, card reader + blank cards, overlays, hand books etc, all as new.
41CV 2408S40796
41CV 2546S20964 Mem module books and box like new
HP 82143A printer, original box, power supply, bat pack, paper, as new
HP 48SX manual and QR book. Plus Sparcom navigation module (never used)

Next 3 average condition
HP21 1605S28297
HP21 1506S17240
HP25 1509S44810
PM sent.
PM sent

replied to PM's
The 1st For Sale,
HP 41 CX
1 Mem module
Stress analysis
Machine design
Structural analysis
books, overlays, packaging etc as new condition.
AU$660.00 plus postage OBO.

I don't know how to make pics smaller so that they can be attached? So pm me and I will send via email.
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