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Full Version: G2 charging question - when off but connected to PC by USB
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G2 plugged into USB port on Windows 10 box.

If the G2 is off it does not appear in Devices and Printers. If I turn it on, the G2 then appears in Devices and Printers (under the 'unspecified' category). If I turn it off, it does not show up in Devices and Printers.

When the G2 is on and plugged into the PC USB port, I see the charging indicator. Is it still charging when it is off, even though Windows does not recognize it under Devices and Printers?
As long as there is power on the USB line, it will charge. After all, that is what the wall charger does.
It will charge until the battery is full. Circuitry in the calculator and in the battery itself will prevent over-charging.

Unfortunately, it is a little bit more complex on G2 if I remember well and does require some SW control to work...

This means that, unless the calc turns on and boots (which should happen when you connect USB), it should NOT auto charge.

This has to do with the configuration of the power module which needs to be told how to charge the battery and does not "remember" the configuration.
Furthemore, depending on the battery state (% charge), the charging curve will be different with a more agressive pattern on low battery that nearly full ones...
so the calc needs to first spend some time actually detecting a reliable battery level before it can even start the charging process...

However, the calculator can then turn OFF (but not in super low off) and will continue charging as the power module will have been configured by then.

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