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Full Version: Message to Mr. F. Vecoven
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This message is intended for a user of this medium, and I kindly ask the addressee to give me an answer. The person in question can no longer be reached via the email address that was used by him at the time, and has used this kind of medium in the past. I hope that this does not offend users of this medium, that is not my intention. If this is not appropriate then this message can be deleted. The problem is that I cannot approach this person in any other way. Anyone can of course respond to this message if needed. The message is listed below, and I hope for a response from the person in question.

Dear Mr. Vecoven,

In the year 1995 you uploaded a library on hpcalc.org, called ¨QUINE¨. I recently tested this program on my HP-48GX, and found that it works well, also with 'don´t cares'. I would like to port this program to the HP-50g, and I need your permission and help with that. I would like to receive a response from you. Sincerely, Karel.
I did a quick google search for F. Vecoven, and came across this web page, and it sure looks like it might be him: ...

His email is: xxx@xxx.com

Hope this helps!

Moderator note: Please send things like this through a PM and not post someone's email publicly where it can be picked up by spiders etc. without the individual's permission. Thank you...
Roger & Wilco. I should have thought of that before posting that address. My apologies.
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