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Full Version: Hewlett Packard 42S
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I have this calculator and it would not come on at first but when I followed the reset instructions of one of the people that posted in your forum I got it to come on but it said memory clear X and then 0.0000.

What should I do after that?
(10-28-2019 02:52 PM)Natashia47 Wrote: [ -> ]What should I do after that?

What is it you want to do? Are you trying to just test it to see if it works properly, or are you attempting to learn how to use it? And if the latter, to do what?
At this point you're ready to go, using the calculator for whatever you want.

The 42S has "continuous memory"-- that is, it retains any information (programs, whatever's on the stack, etc.) when it's turned off-- AS LONG AS THE BATTERY IS GOOD.

In your case, the battery had likely died years ago, and although the calculator can hold enough charge to retain its memory for a minute or so while you change batteries, it can't do it for years! So when you put in new batteries and got it working, it displayed the message you saw, notifying you that it had lost whatever information it had.
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