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Full Version: Another HP-97 printer repair
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I just finished repairing the printer in my HP-97.

As usual, the plastic idler wheel had disintegrated and had to be replaced.



This is the replacement wheel from the German shop. The inner diameter is 2 mm which needs to be enlarged to 3/32"


I enlarged the bore to 2,5 mm which is close enough to the actual 3/32" to fit the shaft. Luckily I ordered 3 wheels as I mistakenly bored the first one to 3 mm.


The trickiest part was putting the circlip back in place. I had to source a few replacements from my local hardware shop as I managed to lose the original one.



Next project is rebuilding the card reader. Parts are already on their way.
(10-27-2019 10:30 AM)Moggul Wrote: [ -> ]I just finished repairing the printer in my HP-97...

Thanks for sharing the details and photos, it will be helpful for folks researching in the future.

Can you provide links for purchasing the idler gear and the circlip to make it easy for folks to purchase the right parts? If links are not available, how about the specs for the items? Folks charge as much as $35 for a single gear on eBay, simply because the specs are not well known and no common sources are published.
Thanks Bob for the suggestion.

I updated my original post with a link to the replacement wheel. It cost 3,15 € per wheel but the shipment costs were 15 € to Spain so I (luckily) ordered 3 of them.

Unfortunately I do not have the specs for the circlip as I got several sizes from a mixed bin, but it must fit the 3/32" shaft.
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