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Full Version: (29C) Data Reduction in GPC {molecular weights & distribution}
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An extract from USE OF A PROGRAMMABLE CALCULATOR FOR DATA REDUCTION IN GFC: Calculation of Molecular Weights and Molecular Weight Distribution, Alberto A. Navas (Mobil Chemical Company), JOURNAL OF LIQUID CHROMATOGRAPHY, 5(3), 413-423 (1982)

A short program was written for a pocket programnable calculator (HP-29C), to reduce data from a Gel Permeation Chromatogram. The output of this program consists of weight-and number-average molecular weights, polydispersity, and nomalized weight distribution. All were uncorrected for dispersion. Mathematical approximation of the GPC calibration curve was made by exponential fit, also performed on the programmable calculator. The program and its application to NBS 706 and one narrow-molecular weight distribution (NWD) polystyrene standards are presented.

It has been shown that a pocket programmable calculator is a versatile and convenient tool in the reduction of Gel Permeation chromatography data. The short program presented here can be used as a back-up for existing laboratory minicomputers, or as a totally portable system."

Fully documented.

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