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Full Version: Alternative HP-41CL mainframe (OS ROMs) update for beta test
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(12-27-2019 01:12 PM)Sylvain Cote Wrote: [ -> ]Finally some free time to test this.

Test machine is a 41CLv2 and I have not updated to the latest OS ROMs yet.

AUTOSTART module is mapped and the following program is executed at each power on

I have successfully executed the following program that creates a data file using all extended memory available, then sequentially write and read from that file.


Thank you for the test example, I will include it with my other test program. So far I tested it on the simulator. In the next days I will prepare new images and do some testing on real hardware.
I made a new version and put it up on Google drive. Two corrections have been done since the first beta release and it has the same ROM identifiers IFG.

There is one change to XROM XKD handling to make it correct. If a RET was followed by NOP (like an empty area) it would be treated as XKD (execute direct on key down) instead of going through NULL test. This happened in run mode (not program mode). I reordered the code slightly to make it correct.

The other change is that the XROM IND ST bug which has been known for long is now corrected. If you have an XROM that takes a postfix argument and enter an IND STack operand (like CAT IND Y, if CAT was an XROM), the postfix byte would overwrite the second byte of the XROM, causing the wrong instruction to be executed (or NONEXISTENT).

As we did not have much things reported before I will just put up the links here for anyone to test. Consider it a release candidate.


32-bit CRC codes:
NUTO      54d262cf
NUT1      baf1fc53
NUT2      2a14a14f
XFNS3     d750d0a5
XFNS5     ff4c5c2a
TIME      0af2caaf
I decided to go ahead and release the IFG ROM update. Nothing changed since last time except that I updated the ReleaseNotes with some additional information.

It can be downloaded from here:
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