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Full Version: HP-65 - two projects
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We recently purchased two HP65 that we restored and we are happy to share some pictures.

The first was locked in a security cradle whose key was lost.
Working condition was unknown, and it was fun to open as we used a set of picklock.
Eventually we were able to open the cradle and test the unit.
Unit was without battery pack, without power supply, and in working conditions,
except for the card reader that we rebuilt.
Now we should find a new lock for the security cradle in order to be able to use it again

Pictures can be seen here :
HP-65 - security cradle project

A second project was for a unit that was almost complete with power supply, battery pack,
manuals, leather pocket, plastic case.
When opened some corrosion was found, but the logic PCB was in good working condition.
In this case we rebuilt the card reader at first with the squared o-ring, but since
it was not able to write properly we used (for the firs time) the silicone tubing method

Pictures can be seen here :
HP65 - complete makeover

If we can be of any help sharing photos or ideas, just ask
Most of these projects are the result of everyone contribution to this forum,
we would like to thanks everyone for any idea shared and any help given !
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