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Full Version: HP-48 floppy drive: the CMT 48RSFD
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I found an old post by J Horn about a 2nd floppy drive that worked with the HP 48SX that was called the CMT 48RSFD. Did this drive ever ship to customers? I can't find anything about it.

Mentioned at the end of this very old post:
Since the product was advertised for more than two years in EduCalc's catalogues, it surely must have existed, but I never saw one in the wild.

In catalogues #48 (May 26, 1990) through #50 (November 24, 1990) CMT offered a more robust model (MCRSFD) which had a waterproof front cover and included a carry-case:

[Image: LKdVDJu.jpg]

From catalogue #51 on (March 1st, 1991) this model was replaced by the 48RSFD you mentioned. The price was much reduced, but the product lacked the waterproof front cover, did not include the carry-case, nor even the cable, which was sold separately. The advertisements stopped with catalogue #57 (September 1st, 1992).

[Image: nqWKK1g.jpg]
Thanks! That's great information.
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