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Full Version: Penpals and Questions
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Hello there,

as some of you might already know - my dearly beloved fiancé is incarcerated for 27 years in Nevada already and all the questions I am asking here I ask for him, I myself have no knowledge or experience with HP calculators or anything related.

Michael is intellectually gifted (IQ 141) and doing stuff on his HP Prime is his favorite way to spend time - after talking to me of course. Since you can imagine that pretty much all of his fellow inmates are nowhere near him when it comes to technical/scientific matters, he is really lacking someone to exchange some thoughts on this with.

He often expressed how much he would love to have a friend/penpal to talk about HP Prime stuff - so I wanted to ask if there are people here (or at least one person who is serious about it) willing to correspond with him via mail - he doesn't have internet access, so the only way for him to communicate with the outside world are letters and phone calls.

He said he is only interested in writing about academic and Prime stuff and won't bother you with anything else.

So if anyone here is interested, please send me a private message with your address or I'll send you his.

I assure you he is a very good and decent guy - despite of his situation. I myself am a linguist, teacher and speech therapist and we're getting married soon.

Kind regards
Michael and Sabi
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