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Full Version: Woodstock HP2x replacement feet needed
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I am looking for a pair of rubber feet (or all 4 if possible) for my HP25. The ones that came with the calculator have not aged well possibly due to the environment in which the calculator was kept for a long time, or for some other reason. I also have a HP21 which has feet that are in good shape so I know well what needs to be done to pull these out gently without harming them. But the rubber of these other feet turned very sticky, lost the springiness and have now the consistency of hardened chewing gum so they deteriorated noticeably on the first pull out to open the calculator, even tough I did this very carefully.

Not that the feet are absolutely necessary, but it would be nice to have them. If anybody has a pair (or all 4) and would be willing to part with them, please let me know.

Discussed many times, here's a recent thread with an easy and cheap solution:

Sounds like a no other options option. Better than nothing I suppose.
Plus one could also erase pencil writing with the calculator.

Thank you.
How thick do these feet need to be? You can buy small sheets of solid (not sponge) neoprene rubber in various thicknesses up to 6 mm, and sponge ones as thick as you like.
Original rubber feet are about 5.5mm x 8.2mm and overall 7mm deep including the dimple on the internal face.

Another idea would be to use a cutout of black anti-static foam the kind used to protect ICs. There is one variety that is rather stiff but still has enough springiness to allow for a tight fit, and the material is easily cut to shape. It would also be more wear resistant than the eraser cutout substitute.
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