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Full Version: Where can I find games for the V41 emulator?
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I am very new in this world, but I am very interested in downloading free games and applications for calculators. I only learn very recently that games for these machines existed.

I am interested in the HP-41, in particular, as I suspect is the one my dad had and I know some other people that have even programmed games for it.

I have downloaded the V41 emulator, but I can't find links to download these "GAME PACKS".

Is there a website where I can find this? I have found one where you can copy the source code for each game and application, but I would love to be able to just load the software directly.
The zip file for the Source code for V41 includes the HP GAMES PAC. Download that and read the docs about how to install a ROM module, it's pretty easy and quick.
Thank you!

I have managed to load the GAMES PAC file... I guess I have to "get user code" now to load the games in RAW format?

I'm reading the Help.txt file but I don't know what to do next: when I "open" a RAW file with "get user code", nothing happens. Should I press any of the buttons?
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