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Full Version: (TRS-80 model 4) Navigational Algorithms
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The publication SOME NAVIGATION AND ALMANAC ALGORITHMS, Naval Post Graduate School publication NPS55-85-023 (SEP 1985) can serve as the basis for HP-BASIC HHC's.

"Subject Terms: Navigation, Air Almanac, Ephemeris, Spheroid Earth, Spherical Triangle, Almanac, Nautical Almanac, Great Circle, Rhumb Line, General Spherical Triangle"

"This report presents a detailed discussion of the use of the general spherical triangle as a means of eliminating the many special cases of quadrant determination that plague most navigation computations and steal memory from computer programs. Also included are two programs, NAVALG0R and NAVEPHM which are written for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 4 Computer."

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