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Full Version: HP 50g Assume Integer
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Is there anyway to use the assume function or otherwise on the HP 50g to specify that a variable is an integer?

i.e. like on the HP prime with assume(n,integer)

I haven't found any. I do usually use a "Setup" or "Init" routine to initialize stuff for large programs. For integer stuff I clear flags -3 and -105. In the input stuff I'll use XQ.

I'm finishing off a set of programs to work with continued fractions and quadratic irrationals. I need something like "Assume Integer" too.

I do use FLOOR rather than IP to keep things in integers.

I've got programs to convert a fraction to a list of partial quotients and one to evaluate such a list into a succession of convergents.

Now I have a new one (lots of fiddling around) that converts a quadratic irrational to the repeated its continued fraction and one to convert a list of partial quotients to the quadratic irrational (P+Sqrt(Q))/R.
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