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Full Version: Four new HP 35 (or 45 65 67 80,…) NiCd battery packs for free, and importat WARNINGS
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I am force to explain first, the conditions of this serious offer, that is the consequence of an unpleasant lack of attention of the user “Sarmatius” of the “famous auction web”, who is selling battery packs and other small spare parts for vintage HP calculator series.

I have bought in the past a couple of items from him. Then, being a loyal customer, I recently adcquired 4 NiCd battery packs (1000 mAh) to substitute the original ones HP 82001A/B , for the classical series HP 35, 45, 55, 65, 67, 80, 75C/75D
As I use the services of a Forward shipping company located in US, I ordered them to be sent to that company address. Forward shipping companies are rather useful to collectors overseas, as they allow consolidating items bought form several sellers along different times, and then send them together with low shipping fares and convenient customs dealing. I had been using this services form more than 2 years without any issue.

Nevertheless, the forward shipping company refused in this case to consolidate packs of batteries (of any kind) to transport them by airways. I argued that the Niquel Cadmium are consider dry cells and have no restrictions for air transport according to IATA, but the company probably do not trust in the battery labels and has no means or interest of testing the real type of battery for forward shipping. They offered to return by surface mail the battery packs to some US address.

Then I contacted to the seller, Sarmatius, informing about issue, and asked about the return to him the pack (at my expenses) and about the cost of sending them to my home address in Europe. The seller gave me the return address and the cost of the forward shipping, that I accepted without any discussion. Up to this point everything seems OK.

When the return order was ready I contacted again with Sarmatuis:

Finally the batteries are going to be returned to you at no cost, to this address


(Please, if you can provide me a phone number, the shipping company will deliver the package safer and easier in case of doubts). This is the final destination address:

Then, how can I pay to you for the new shipping cost to the final destination?
Will you send me a new shipping invoice when the items arrive back to you?

Or should I pay to your account directly?

Thanking in advance for your kind support

And this is the laconic disgusting answer I received:

It is not worth my time to do that, whatever you do with them is fine with me. Best regards”.

With such a lack of supportive attention of to customers, of course, I will not buy again nor recommend this seller ever. That is not the first claim I see in the forum about that account.
Fortunately, thanks to this unfriendly attitude I have discovered several alternatives for batteries and cases supply, even more convenient for me.

Therefore, I have now 4 battery packs in US that can not be sent to me, and I want to give them for free (all the 4 together) to anyone fellow member with an US main land address. If you want them just send me a PM with you name, address and contact phone. The Forward shipping company will sent them also free of shipping cost.

Last WARNING: Try not to send any kind of batteries by air transport as the carrier company may refuse to send them.
PM sent. Thank you.
It only took a few minutes to receive messages with requets. No more are neccesary.
Thanks for your interest
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