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Full Version: HP41 Card Reader motor coupling repair
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Today I repaired again a HP41 Card Reader. The most difficult is the coupling between the worm gear and the motor shaft.
First of all to find the right diameter of cable insulation and to see that the hole of the former wire is tolerably in the center. Sometimes it’s not tolerable. These insulation are not calibrated that the wire is exactly in the centre.

This time I made some photos of the coupling repair.
Please see also second posting with further pictures due to the limit of 5 pictures.

Afterwards with additional new O-rings at the drive shaft the Card Reader runs again smooth and flawless.
More pictures
Nicely done!
I’ll use your posts & photos as incentive to repair the 2 HP-41C card readers I have squirreled away. One just needs the worm gear coupling replaced and the other needs the drive wheel and worm gear coupling fixed.
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