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Full Version: Invoking Note edior from ppl
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Is there some way to invoke the note editor from a ppl program?

Something like EditNote ("mynote")
For now there are no such commands, the integrated interfaces can not work within a program, you can only call them to use them after the program is over.

I'm sure you already know these options, but I will mention them for being the current ones:
STARTVIEW(-8): Go to the catalog of notes
Notes(n): Call and modify content
I just noticed that your application created a lot of notes without my permission Tongue, I suggest that the files be created within the application with AFiles, and for now it might be interesting to use EDITLIST to edit stories files. It is a pity that there is no text editor, implementing one would be expensive, unnecessary when Note Catalog alredy exists.

An alternative is to edit the files in a Notepad on PC, as currently their programs are files such as list1.rpl.hpnote, spirit.rpl.hpnote, py.rpl.hpnote, ... it can easily be list1.rpl.txt, ... since the ".rpl" is just a name.
this subject was approached some time ago in the following thread that also includes a positive feedback from Cyrille:


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