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Full Version: (41CV) LORAN-C Triplets - position determination
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An extract from Position Determination with LORAN-C Triplets and the HEWLETT-PACKARD HP-41CV Programmable Calculator, Naval Post Graduate School, NPS55-82-022, SEP 1982 (74 pgs.)

This report presents an algorithm and HP-41CV programs for position determination with Loran-C chains. Additional computational routines include the ability to calibrate Loran station triplet data to a known benchmark and ITD's (Indicated Time Delay's), predict ITD's at given positions, compute the geodesic (similar to great circle) bearing and distance from a fix to the destination and to compute the geodesic bearing and distance from any one location to another. Utility routines allow the user to transfer station pair data between the HP-41CV and magnetic cards, magnetic tape and an extended function/memory module.

Appendix A: Program Storage Allocations, Flag Usage and Program Listing … "(pgs 42-58)

Available in the [LTLN] module from the CL Library.
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