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Full Version: Dead HP48G turned into bluetooth keyboard
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Interesting use of a dead HP48G:

Engineers Will Love this Dead Calculator Hacked Into a Wireless Keyboard

[Image: xao5ighdlylttspdhgjs.gif]

I would have thought that putting in a SoC that could run EMU48 would have been a more interesting solution.
Nifty idea if you can scrape all of the ads out of the way Smile

Agree with your revision...
Hi Mark Power and Sammy,

thanks a lot for advertising my keyboard on this side - I was impressed to see it on the page.
I agree with you: having a Soc (System-on-a-chip) would be the best, but ....
I thought a lot about what would move me to change/upgrade my calculator.
My Idea is to have an interface (main GUI), that comunicates with EMU48, to meet following:
• Run every program like on the hp48/emu48
• Run every program like on the hp49g+/emu48
• Easy load/eliminate libs/programs (like the PLAY STORE)
• To have a simulator on my phone with the same status (synchronize)
• Flexible screen resolution, to run it on several systems (higher screen resolution and color screen).

I didn’t upgrade to the PRIME because I don’t like to relearn key positions . I passed from the 32SII to the 49g+, …. Typing now work pretty much automatic and an opinion for me to change is only if I could keep most keys in the same place (hp49g+/hp50g style).
I think a lot of HP users are frustrated by the keyboard 48/50/PRIME/32/33/35 layout changes over time.
I think a hardware emulator is needed with flexible keyboard to bring the points mentioned before working the best (android phone/Raspberry PI). A higher screen resolution is also needed, that is why I opened the thread "EMU48 screen 131x80 expand?" https://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-13490.html

Please, write me what you think about?
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