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Full Version: 41CL EDTR module
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Hi, I am very interested to know more on the EDTR (Editor) module.
How I can find a manual?
I am not able yo found it in my HP41-DVD and in systemyde.com manuals.
Thank you so much for your help!
As I'm the one who put it together I should be able to add some details on it.

It's a set of programs on the Text Editing subject, collected from different sources - mostly PPC issues but also others.

Here's a short list of its contents:

"TXED"- Text Editor, by Erik Christensen. from XF Made Easy book
"41EDIT"- HP-41 Interactive Text Editor, by Eric Meyer. V10N5p29 - June 1983
"XED"- Extended ED (41CX), by Ángel Martin
"TXED" - Text Editing on the HP-41, by Eduard Wulff. V10N3P20 - April 1983
"TYPE"- Word Processor with the 82905B. By John Gilby, UPL# 02077C
"NAP"- Names/Addresses Mailing Program, by Keith Jarret, from XF Made Easy book

Hope this helps, you should be able to find the references listed.

Hi! Thank you very much for your quick reply!
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