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Full Version: (29C) Cerebral Blood Flow
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An extract from Cerebral Blood Flow in Rats after Treatment with the Primary Sensory Neurotoxin CAPSAICIN, Stephen Helps (MA thesis), Department of Physiology, School of Medicine, the University of Adelaide, December 1987 (187 pgs.)

C.1 HP-29C Calculator program for calculatlng CBF
A Hewlett-Packard programable calculator (HP-29C) was used to calculate CBF directly from the chart recording. The listing shows the code used to analyse data and generate a correlation coefficient … and CBF … The program logs the hydrogen potentials and calculates a least squares regression fitting a straight line to the data. This regression line is used to calculate the t﹙₁﹨₂﹚ (in minutes) which is then divided by 4158 to give CBF in mls/min/100gm …" [Pages 123 & 124]
emphasis mine

OK, a program to calculate blood flow in rats.

This must be a new all-time record for most obscure calculator application. Lets be thankful it's cerebral blood flow, so we can rest assured it's at least still a brainy calculation...
Don't let the 'subject matter' dis-way your interest; the underlying statistical analysis is what caught my interest.

I'll take a look, I admit I did not look past the title.

Interesting that a 29C was used in this thesis from 1987, I'd have expected a much newer machine; by this time, the 29C was over 10 years old, but apparently still the author's favorite machine.
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