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Full Version: Beta testers for new iPhone RPN calculator?
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I'm looking for beta testers for a basic scientific RPN calculator for iPhone. I wrote it because I wanted an RPN replacement for the built-in calculator. It is inspired by the old HP calculators, but is not meant to be a clone of any of them. It is for casual users who don't need programmability.

If you are interested, please contact me at mowgliiapps@gmail.com so I can give you further instructions on how to proceed. The app requires the latest version (7) of iOS.

To give you an idea of what it is, here is a list of features:

- RPN (Reverse Polish Notation)
- 4-level stack
- 10 register memory
- Swipe to undo
- Locale-aware formatting
- HP-style display modes
- Degrees, Radians & Grads
- Trigonometric functions
- Hyperbolic functions
- Probability
- Statistics
- Date functions
- Conversions
- Constants

Thank you!
Always nice - sent you an email
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