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Full Version: (HP-67) Longitudinal Response of Airplanes to Positive Wind Shear
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An extract from An Analytical Study of the Longitudinal Response of Airplanes to Positive Wind Shear, NASA, Technical Paper 1765, March 1981 (55 pgs.)

Wind shear, the variation of horizontal atmospheric winds with altitude, has been identified as a causative factor in several airplane accidents and may have been a contributing factor in others. Consequently, wind shear and its effect on aircraft have become the subjects of research. This study extends past work and concentrates on longitudinal motion. The airplane is represented by the three-degree-of-freedom equations for longitudinal motion …


The equations of motion are derived in appendix A. A program written for the Hewlett Packard HP-67 programable pocket calculator, which represents an improvement on program 1 of reference 6, is given in appendix B …

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