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Full Version: WTB 50G
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Hoping to get by the censors. For some reason previous attempts have failed.

Anyway, looking to expand my collection to include a 50G. I’m open to outright purchase or trades. I have an extra 15C for instance.
And FYI - that's because your previous posts looked like they needed to be. This post is much better... direct linking to an ebay ad in the main forum is not what we want. Asking for help finding a 50g in the classifieds is.

Welcome to the forum!

To all... new visitor's posts are moderated. They **have** to be or else the forum would be overcome with spam. I think I've deleted 10 threads that were obvious Russian-based spam in the last 36 hours.
Ah, understood. Newbie here needing to get my bearings.

There was an auction for euro eyes only....bummed me out because it was a potential deal.

Anyway, glad to be on the forum. Hope to get a track record and learn the ropes.

There's a seller on TAS(*) based in Venezuela who regularly has 50g units for sale at reasonable prices. You might strike lucky there.

(*) TAS is local parlance for "The Auction Site" that shall remain nameless -- I'm sure you can guess which one.
I might be willing to consider a direct trade, depending on the condition (needs to be really nice) and serial number...
I'd also suggest that an equivalent condition 15C perhaps may be worth a bit more than a 50g?

I've picked up a few 50g on eBay in the UK for £50–75. I'd not expect to get a nice 15C for that.
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