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Full Version: How to go about flashing 12C+ firmware
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Far from a n00b, but still very new to all things HP calculators. Received my 12C 30th AE yesterday (late to the party with entry 36118 Smile ). It has 2009-07-02 firmware loaded, as noted by Katie on these forums originally. Now, I've done my homework and have all the required parts (the calc, all parts to make the programming cable, SAM-BA flashing software) except for the newer calculator firmware.

Now, I'm sure firmware talk is not allowed here. It's most likely copyrighted HP software, so it's no wonder I've had no luck finding any links on the web, despite searching high and low. So my question is, to those people who obtained the cables from HP (through Gene or otherwise), did you also receive the firmware on a medium with the cable? Or do I need an HP 12c+ with newer firmware to dump and flash on my 30th AE?

Really lost here, any pointers are welcome. Additionally, if there's someone willing to flash a 12C+ in Europe, I'd love to pay shipping both ways and a generous sum for the work.

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I don't believe newer firmware has been released. The calc is flashable - but only with software you write yourself, linking with run time library that HP have released. There's a four-banger demonstration of how to do this from HP floating around on the web somewhere, but I don't have a link to hand.
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