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Full Version: (HP-67) Geographical & Mercator Grid Coordinates conversion
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An extract from Conversions Between Geographical and Transverse Mercator Grid Coordinates, Institute of Geodesy, Technical University (Budapest), MAR 1981, 13-pgs.

To now, mutual conversions between Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid coordinates and geographical coordinates applied computers or tables. Programmable desk and pocket calculators revolutionized calculations not only in the office but also on the terrain. A single magnetic card may replace volumes of tables. A programmable calculator, fed with correct data input provides correct results as against the multitude of sources of error, inherent in the use of tables. Another significant advantage of programmed calculation is a lower qualified operator needed to obtain error-free results, at a reduced running time.
The mutual conversion between UTM and geographical coordinates by means of a minicomputer will be presented below.

The programs were developed for a
Hewlett-Packard 67/97 calculator.
For converting geographical to grid coordinates Eqs (3), (4) and (11); for converting grid to geographical coordinates Eqs (5), (6) and (12) were used. The programs can be accommodated on a magnetic card, and the constants belonging to an ellipsoid are stored on one side of a card.
The prepared programs are shown by Program Listings 1 and 2, their use by Users' Instructions 1 and 2. The memory content is identical in both programs; this is illustrated in Table "Registers"…

Descriptions, explanations, notations, equations, tables, figures, instructions & listings amply provided.

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