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Full Version: Alternate To?
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Did any other Calculator Company (TI,CASIO,SHARP,COMMODORE,ELEKTRONIKA etc.) ever try to produce a competitor desktop programmable Calculator to compete with the HP-97? The only one close that I’ve found so far is The TI-59 combined with the PC-100A - are there others? I don’t want to include the Tandy, Radio Shack,Casio,Sharp that were sold as ‘Pocket Computers).

has a section on the first programmables. May be of interest.
The Sharp PC-1300/1300S from 1978/79 should qualify:
  • bigger than a usual handheld calculator
  • works on rechargeable batteries
  • keystroke programmable
  • magnetic card reader/writer
  • integrated printer
  • in addition it has a 16 alphanumeric characters VFD display

See: The Sharp PC-1300S Pocket Computer

I have one that I got from Japan, I'm not sure it has been sold out of Japan.
How about the Texas Instruments SR-60?
(07-17-2019 08:48 PM)Thomas Okken Wrote: [ -> ]How about the Texas Instruments SR-60?


The TI SR-60 qualifies perfectly though it's actually significantly more powerful than the HP-97 (and much more costly at the time, which is saying something as the HP-97 was no bargain itself).

Thanks for the pointers everyone. I do have the Sharp PC-1500A desktop calculator complete with the CE-150 base unit - everything is functional.
The TI-SR60s are like hen’s teeth and mega expensive if you can find a working unit at all!
Does anyone know if such a thing as a TI SR-60 emulator exists, either online or as a download? I’ve done a pretty exhaustive check online and I can’t find one.
I did come across a real SR-60 which had sold for €1600!
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