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Full Version: Max/Min not found on plot
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I plotted the 2nd derivative of e^(1/4). The function plots nicely on my G2, but when querying for obvious extremums on the plot between -1 and 0, no maximum or minimum is found. This occasionally surprises me on other plots as well. Why is this (operator ignorance?)?
Assuming you meant e^(1/x), it seems to work for me:


Your e^(1/x) assumption was correct. I get the same graph, but it does not find the extremums. Might I have some setting that is causing this? This is not an artifact of the G2...my version A does this as well. I must have a CAS setting or home setting that needs to be changed?
I am using the default epsilon of 1e-12, have it on exact, tried 1e-14, non exact, same lack of extremum. Aug 2018 version on G2, July 2018 on version A.
These are the setting I was using:


Same as me...on plot, my setting is adaptive...
My plot method is also set to adaptive.

The plotting method does not affect extrema (or root) finding.
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