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Full Version: Android App Review: SpacExp
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Link: [url]Review: SpecExp Calculator App (Android) http://edspi31415.blogspot.com/2019/07/r....html[/url]

Author: Scientific Software Team
Type: Scientific and Function Graphing
Input: Textbook
Platform: Android
Current Version: 4.0.4
Price: Free version (has ads), $19.99 (no ads)


To the SpecExp Calculator website: https://spec-exp.appspot.com/#


* Textbook input of mathematical expressions
* Matrices and vectors
* Fractions
* Base conversions
* Function Graphing
Ah, it's a SpecExp calculator, not a Space XP calculator...
Nothing to do with space. Sad
Just a typo in the title.
For this form factor I prefer Mathlab Graphing Calculator (paid version is half the price). On the other hand they stopped updating more than a year ago, adding numerical integrals was their last improvement. The only thing I'm missing is symbolic integrals.
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