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Full Version: Apollo Guidance Computer Restored, Used to Mine Bitcoin
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Here's a great old-meets-new story that will interest a lot folks:


From the article:

Quote:At the AGC’s top speed, it could handle 1 hash every 10.3 seconds.... At that rate, it would take longer than the lifetime of the universe to mine a single Bitcoin, which makes this an impractical method of, well, pretty much anything.
There are excellent articles on the DSKY and a fantastic book about the DSKY system and coding.

Here is 1965 meets 2019 on my flight deck. Took this to HPPC in London and the photos for the project web site:

Too the right of the photo and in display test mode; all keys lit up. Powered by arduino, LEDs with three digital recordings of the launch and landing of the Apollo 11.
The GPS was not functional because the 787 cockpit is very shielded. My bad elf pro+ only receives in the overhead escape hatch near the hatch and fuselage seam.

[Image: 9DBC895E-142A-4302-90AA-5DE3336D257C_zps6cawiwji.jpeg]

Another shot in time mode:

[Image: 8717254A-5E3E-4723-AF91-1256BE388237_zpsklwgcxqc.jpeg]

You can see it here:

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