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Full Version: plotfunc() in cas
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i try using plotfunc() while working in cas mode. The calculator give a picture of the graph in stack. Some graph doesn’t look good e.g straight line as my example. So how can I control the scale of this plot command.

I guess, there must be some parameter specify in this command. What is the syntax of the command?

And if I plot it without specifying the plot range, how can I control default plotting behavior?
plotfunc(expression,x=a..b) or plotfunc([expr1,expr2,...],x=a..b)
Thank you, parisse.

How about if using this plotfunc() without specifying the plot range (e.g plotfunc(x^2-1))? Where does the plotfunc() gets the default plot range?
I don't know if there is a way to modify the C++ variables that contains the default values, in Xcas the command xyztrange does that, but it is not available on the Prime.
Noted. Thank you, parisse.
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